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*)  A quote from a Danish folk tale.
We have followed Microsoft's “Dynamics” applications from their inception,  the products that were then known as  Axapta, XAL, Navision and C5.  These applications are rapidly approaching each other in look-and-feel, but it is still possible to fetch inspiration for one from the other.

The goal of Nax IT is to make our customers feel that things take a change for the better, be it in the use of the application or in the data available.  We are not set on specific "methods" or ways of doing systems work, but let the customer's organisation and inclinations decide how we approach the job in hand.  We produce detailed specifications or brief notes, do prototyping or straightforward programming, work on site or remotely - whatever suits the situation best.
'Yoy have to be flexible' said the eel...  *)  

... and so do we!  Often the solution to a problem regarding data or application is close at hand if you engage in a little creative thinking and make the most of what you have already got.  There is no need to reinvent the wheel if there is a nice set of castors available!

Many organisations can get more out of their ERP-system than they think.  The art is to transgress what you have come to think of as the limits of the application.  This is clearly easier to do for someone who works with a number of systems and many different organisations.
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